Cast-iron bath furnace Fire-Bird Econom in Minsk

Cast-iron bath furnace Fire-Bird Econom

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A series of furnaces for the Firebird sauna from Svarozhich is universal for any developer. On the market are:

- Model Firebird Economy. The furnace is designed for self-facing brick or standard facing Russian pairs, Classic, etc .;

- Model Firebird Standard. Stove lined with stainless steel.

- Model Zhar-Ptitsa Kamennaya is equipped with a grid for stones.


                Another model of a universal furnace from the company Svarojić. By purchasing this oven, you can be sure that you will receive a modern sample of a sauna oven, designed with all the technical characteristics required in the sauna business.

 The Firebird model combines modern quality and functionality inherent in all the traditions of the "Russian bath".

      All technical specifications can be found in the next tab. And if you have any questions, please call +375 44 711 75 15 (velc) and +375 33 901 07 12 (mts) (mts)

Technical characteristics of Svarozic bath ovens
Volume of steam room up to 35 m3
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Height of furnace 770 mm
Width of oven 440 mm
Furnace depth without tunnel 620 mm
Length of tunnel with door 220 mm
Length of tunnel with mantel door 300 mm
Distance from the floor to the center of the chimney axis 770 mm
Distance from the front wall to the center of the chimney axis 200 mm
Weight of cast iron furnace 270 kg
Thickness of cladding 10-15 mm
Recommended mass of stones 80-300 kg
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
Recommended minimum chimney height not less than 4 m
Chimney outlet upper
The size of the glass in the door (HxW) 260х250 mm
The size of the glass in the mantelpiece door (HxW) 340х290 mm
Size of the portal with the door 475х415 mm
Size of the portal with a fireplace door 500х500 mm
Completeness of the furnace Cast-iron furnace with door, stainless steel. a saucer on the cast iron pipe of the chimney 150/130 mm, ash box of stainless steel. 1 mm, passport, pallet for transportation

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