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Set Everest Light steam Profi Soapstone 50 mm

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    Rotary cast-iron sauna stove EVEREST Light Steam PROFI is designed for heating steam rooms up to 40 cubic meters and generating steam during operation in private and commercial baths.

The stove consists of two modules: a combustion chamber and a closed cast iron heater. The most thermally loaded sections of the furnace are made of heat-resistant cast iron with a thickness of 20 millimeters.

To increase the heat transfer area, fins are arranged over the entire surface of the furnace, due to which the cast iron quickly releases heat to the surrounding space and helps to accelerate the heating of the steam room, the stone foundation and the lining of the furnace.

The furnace part and the heater can be rotated relative to each other when installing the stove. This allows you to direct the opening of the heater in the steam room in a convenient direction, as well as organize the maintenance of the stove and laying firewood into the stove directly from the steam room. After installation in place, the heater and the firebox are interconnected using a sealant and a heat-resistant cord.

The closed heater made of 10 mm thick cast iron has a rounded structure at the top and bottom. The heater is in place of the flame arrester. The fire during the burning of firewood covers the heater from four sides, which accelerates the heating of the mortgage. The closed heater is designed to accommodate 60 kilograms of sauna stone and creates a massive heat charge. The heater and the outer casing are made of cast iron, fastened to each other in a tongue-and-groove manner using a heat-resistant sealant.

As an open heater, a steel pallet for stones is placed above the main part of the stove, where more than 60 kg of stone can fit. The total weight of the furnace and the mortgage is more than 400 kg.

Both heaters of the EVEREST Light Steam PROFI stove are equipped with steam generators to produce steam. The steam generator of a closed heater is fixed in the furnace body, and the steam generator of an open heater is placed between the stones in the upper tray.

The cast-iron door, article 290, is specially designed for this oven, it provides a wide range of air supply regulation and safe use of the oven, it does not deform during prolonged heating.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Height 1335 mm
Width 670 mm
Depth 885 mm
Chimney diameter 120 mm
The volume of the steam room 20-40 m3

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