Sauna stove Barbara TERMA Fairy Tale Mini in the coil. To buy in Minsk a steel bathing furnace at the favorable price.

The wood furnace for a bath Varvara TERMA the Fairy tale Mini in a coil

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   The advantage of the furnace is that the furnace of the furnace consists of 3 elements. At the junction between them is used ceramic cord with a working temperature of 1200 degrees. That is, the furnace furnace is completely sealed! A bolted joint is used to fix the parts together, which gives a 100% guarantee of safety during operation.

        The bathing iron cast-iron stove Legend Forging 16 (270) is equipped with a cast-iron air-tight door Vesuvius 270 with heat-resistant glass “SCHOTT ROBAX”. Convection-ventilated casing "Forging" is made of metal textured strip painted with heat-resistant paint and covered with patina "Bronze".

The Varvara furnace has indisputable advantages over other furnaces:

· - it is completed individually to order;

· - efficiency (heating rate);

· - profitability;

· - durability (furnace metal thickness - 6 mm., Water tank - stainless steel);

· - easy operation;

· - attractive appearance.

        Furnace TERMA Fairy tale stove with a closed heater, lined in stone Coil. The stone in the closed heater is heated to a higher temperature than in the open heater. This allows you to get a soft fine steam. The coil in this model aligns the heat wave, and also decorates the room with its appearance.


        Our brand, the Varvara stove, has long been in good standing with experts in the Russian bath at the expense of its simplicity, economy and durability.

Specifications bath furnaces Barbara
Dimensions (WxWHD) 1020х450х700 mm
Mass assembly 200 kg
Mass of pledged stones 40-60 kg
The volume of the steam room 12 m3
Length of the combustion chamber 600 mm
Removal of the combustion chamber 170 mm
Chimney diameter 114 mm
Room heating time 60-90 min
Fuel Firewood

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